Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Thickest of Threads

I broke bread on two separate occasions this week in the company of men with whom I have little in common. Through the nature and content of our conversations, I've come to a conclusion: unity would be a meaningless concept if those bound were exactly alike. The diversity of those unified is what makes the idea worth talking about. It's not so much complete agreement as it is resolve to remain attached in spite of disagreement. All that needs to exist is a single common thread that transcends any and all dissonance. The more transcendent the thread, the more strongly it binds, and so we find that love (self-sacrifice for the benefit of its object) is the thickest of threads.


Jonathan Vowell said...


Of course, you would agree that when disagreements give way to errors, heresies, and falsehoods, "unity" should not be an excuse to dispense with truth, yes?

Joshua Andrew Smith said...
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Joshua Andrew Smith said...

I'm saying we should fight without parting as long as the ultimate love is still common. What fellowship has light with darkness?

Rick said...

Jonathan, is there ever an excuse to dispense with truth? Be careful with statements and questions like this. They have ever-so-subtly sewn discord in the body of Christ.

Here's an alternate question: Is God's heart torn because His people segregate themselves to guard against errors, heresies and falsehood when He promised to do "exceedingly and abundantly above all they could ever hope or imagine" as they walk in diversity?