Monday, June 15, 2009

Omnibus, Mayne

I've been away for a long time, so this post comes in the form of a few short bursts of brain activity.

1.) Allie and I are reading This Momentary Marriage: a Parable of Permanence by John Piper. You're going to want to go ahead and pick that one up immediately. We've had two weddings in the past two weeks and have seen two of the most Godly couples we know exchange the same beautiful vows in two very different ceremonies. Each service was a celebration of God's glorious image seen in the mystery of two becoming one. My covenant with my wife has been richer by the hour as we've reflected over the past few weeks upon the incredible gift we've been given. Two more weeks until our second anniversary. What a joy.

2.) I wonder if a technology that replaces a man's job is really an advancement at all.

3.) I used to cite three reasons against my ever becoming a pastor. They were, a.) I'm too much of an idealist, b.) I have a hard time empathizing with other people's pain, c.) I wasn't really in love with Biblical studies. God has eradicated all three of these obstacles quite acutely over the past few months. So now I've become very open to the pursuit of this avenue.

4.) Mark and I have been writing some songs together recently and it's really made me struggle with where God is leading me lately. I had finally become comfortable with the idea of pursuing pastoral studies and now my passion for songwriting has been revived (along with some truly legitimate possibilities for success in that arena). I can't possibly pursue both graduate studies and creative expression with the fervor needed to excel at either. I haven't processed this one yet.

5.) I can't find enough time to read what I want.

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Matt Sliger said...

Here are my comments
1. Great book. Praise the Lord for you and Allie's marriage that mirrors even grander truths.
2. I just drove through a carwash and vacuumed out my car and the only worker at the entire complex was a long haired teenager who offered me a popsicle. No kidding
3 and 4. You know buddy, I came to this place a long time ago. I then realized I wasn't a good songwriter. You don't have that luxury.
5. Amen to that