Friday, December 18, 2009

This Makes Me Sad

  1. Because it's theologically and historically inaccurate. God did not have sex with Mary. That contradicts the idea of a virgin birth and it's simply not what was reported. Mary was the vessel of God, not His mistress. When asked how Mary conceived Jesus, Martin Luther replied, "Through her ear." The Son is the Word of God. When she received His Word verbally, she received Him physically.
  2. Because it puts physical intimacy at odds with spiritual intimacy. This cartoon makes it sound like if a woman is intimate with God, then she will find marital intimacy boring or unworthy. This is the exact opposite of true. Trust me.
  3. Because it's actually a funny cartoon. Being such, people typically assume the truth of the setup because only the punchline has to be twisted. That's common sense in the humor world. It reminds me of a joke only Catholics get because only their theology allows the premise: "So Jesus said to the crowd, 'Let the one without sin cast the first stone.' Just then, a projectile soared over the crowd and hit the adulteress square in the forehead. Jesus quickly parted the crowd and, upon spying the culprit, exclaimed 'Go home, mother, I'm trying to teach a lesson here.'" It's only funny if you believe Mary was sinless until the assumption, or if you accept it for the sake of the argument. The trouble is, nonbelievers look to the church to proclaim their own beliefs. If a reader is to receive the above cartoon, he will assume that surely a church knows what they're talking about when it comes to the setup. I wish it were so.
  4. Because it's a church advertisement and they should know better. Seeker sensitivity means caring about what people NEED to hear and see from the CHURCH, not what they are USED TO hearing and seeing from each EACH OTHER. This is not advertisement. It is obscenity.

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Jonathan Vowell said...

This is a church ad?