Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Congenital Genocide

"National statistics indicate that 80-90% of such babies are now aborted — meaning that we have launched a search and destroy mission on Down syndrome babies in the womb." From Al Mohler's Blog.

Numbers-wise, this means America's genocidal attack on people with Down's Syndrome is far more successful than Hitler's attempted genocide of Jews. The only difference is, even if you kill them all, they will not be permanently exterminated, because they are continually created inside their murderers.

The worst part is, this sounds more like a conversation about weeds than it does human beings.


Halcyon said...

When it's a matter of convenience in regards to my own private little universe, other people are no better than "weeds".

Jason B. Hood said...

From religious press services, summarizing a NY Times article, among other things (just google it up if you want more):
•South Korea is lamenting a great decline in the country’s birthrate, after an anti-child emphasis for some years that said more than two children per couple was “unpatriotic,” reports BP News. Now there is a push for a higher birthrate, and some of South Korea’s doctors have asked for forgiveness for performing illegal abortions for years and are now working to cut the number of abortions in the Asian country. Public service announcements are saying, “With abortion, you are aborting the future.”