Friday, June 18, 2010


My wife cut and enjoyed gorgeous flowers from our yard today. They are the remnant of a woman's labor of love many years ago. She has long since passed away and we do nothing to nurture the flowers at all. We just bought an old house and we're benefiting from the fruit of another person's work, at least until her legacy fades. Eventually, if we do not learn the art and invest the time into gardening, the beds will all be overgrown and the flowers choked out.

While I am encouraged at the prospect that the fruit of my own labors will have lasting effects far beyond my sight, I also pray that I will be diligent to pass down the art and science of my trade to the next generation. Otherwise they will become as arrogant and blind as our own generation, boasting in the flowers of faith they enjoy all around them while ignoring to learn the craft and work that produced them.

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