Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Identity in Christus

Today in Chapel at Crichton College, Julie Nichols gave us a sheet with a series of questions aimed at revealing the things in which we place our identities. I felt compelled to answer each in two ways. Here are my answers.

1. How do I measure my worth?
In the flesh - By how many people need me
In the spirit - By how much my ransom cost

2. Whose approval am I seeking?
In the flesh - People of whom I approve
In the spirit - My master, who can declare "well done."

3. In what or whom is my confidence placed?
In the flesh - My abilities and achievements
In the spirit - Nothing but the blood of Jesus

4. What am I depending on to give my life meaning?
In the flesh - My legacy through God
In the spirit - God's legacy through me

When I am operating in the flesh, my identity depends upon the fragile and finite works of humans. I think I'd prefer to lean on the immutable and infinite work of God.

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Jonathan Vowell said...

Nice. I especially appreciate "God's legacy through me." I think that about sums it up.