Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where Can I Go?

I am continually amazed that Cecily doesn't hold my disciplining of her against me. When she receives correction, she cries and immediately looks to me for comfort and acceptance, which I am compelled to give by an equal urgency. It's like I expect her to reject me for having stood against her will.  But when I stop and think, it's simple: where else would she go? In her world, Mommy and Daddy are one, and there's no one else to go to for comfort and acceptance when she needs it.

I am always surprised, because I'm not as good a son as she is a daughter. When my Father who loves me disciplines me, I often shake a rebellious fist at Him and turn to my lesser gods for comfort and acceptance. I'm not very much like Peter, who said, "Where else can we go, Lord? You have the words of life." I'm not like David who understood that there was no where he could go to flee God's presence. I'm not like Cecily who doesn't know the hollow comfort and cheap acceptance of idolatry.

Have mercy on me oh God, according to your steadfast love. According to Your great compassion, blot out my transgressions. Teach me to accept your correction as from a loving Father who seeks reconciliation. Where else can I go for true comfort and acceptance? I reject any other source of Love. Amen.

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