Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nietzsche is Dead. God is Risen. Christ Will Come Again.

Nietzsche misidentified the body of the god whom he pronounced dead. His philosophy had successfully attacked and killed the Supreme Ontology of Greek metaphysics, not Yahweh of the Jews. Easy mistake to make, considering the contagious Neoplatonist conceptions of the God of Scripture found in Origen and Augustine. In fact, the Great I AM had his own people to kill him, but that was 1900 years prior to Nietzsche, and unlike the philosopher's own demise, Jesus' death just didn’t take.

I wish you a very surprising Epiphany today. 

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Halcyon said...

"Supreme Ontology of Greek metaphysics"

You mean to say that you don't worship at the altar of Sog?