Monday, January 3, 2011

Recent Logos/Ethos/Pathos Sighting

Calvinist philosopher John Frame claims that knowledge has three perspectives to it: the normative perspective, situational perspective, and existential perspective.
  1. The normative perspective asks, “What do God’s norms [the Bible] direct us to believe?”
  2. The situational perspective asks, “What are the facts?”
  3. The existential perspective asks, “What belief is most satisfying to a believing heart?”
Sounds an awful lot like:
  1. ethos (ought = goodness)
  2. logos (facts = truth)
  3. pathos (satisfaction = beauty)
 I'm sure Mr. Frame cited my blog in his dissertation, so I won't bother to check. Although I am a little miffed that he botched the order. Amateur.

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