Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Evolutionary Theory Still Evolving

I read in the today's paper that archeologists have discovered a homo sapiens tooth they're dating back 400,000 years; around twice as old as the previous benchmark for the genesis of humans. Oh, and one more thing: it was found in Israel, moving the origins of man from Africa to the Middle East. Two points for the creationists?

Now I hope there aren't any creationists out there getting hopeful about how this has completely obliterated the case for evolution. That would be the same kind of blind hubris that you mock in the straw-man caricatures of your avowed enemies, the evolutionists. This is merely a different set of facts to plug into the same old Darwinian Secular Humanist religious framework. Evolutionists will no more budge their faith at this discovery than you did yours when they presented you with their own set of extremely convincing evidences (which do exist).

The war will not be won in the mind alone when the battleground has spiritual dimensions.

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