Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I had a conversation tonight with a college student whom I love about his concern over his own loss of faith. I asked him if he was dissatisfied with agnosticism, and he replied that it was more like he just didn't care anymore. I quipped something about "apatheism*," and later mused about how common that posture seems to be.  The faith we're presenting to them must be pretty underwhelming, or else they are just being amused to death. Probably both. Until we show them something radical, I'm afraid we're looking at a rising population of apatheists in our future.
*Apparently I'm not so original, because a quick Google search reveals that the concept of apatheism preexisted my own epiphany.

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Anonymous said...

It's more like caring is just very overwhelming. It's easier, and less exhausting to just not care.