Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Daily Bread

I sat in the middle of Panera Bread and wept as I read these lines from the great George MacDonald, chastising me as if he were my own stern Scottish Grandfather:

“If you who set yourselves to explain the theory of Christianity, had set yourselves instead to do the will of the Master, the one object for which the gospel was preached to you, how different would now be the condition of that portion of the world with which you come into contact! Had you given yourselves to the understanding of His Word that you might do it, and to be the quarrying of material wherewith to buttress your systems, in many a heart by this time would the name of the Lord be loved where it now remains unknown.” (Unspoken Sermons MacDonald 159)

As I came to the end of the passage, Matthew Ballamy of Muse was pleading, “Why can’t we start it over again?” into my headphones. One does not often hear the Holy Spirit so clearly. 

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