Friday, May 8, 2009

Get Your Free Christian Worldview Today!

"Christian Worldview" is beyond classification as a buzz word these days. Frankly, I find it annoying. It's like a gimmick or a product we're trying to sell. Like if you simply assent to these 7 articles, you have Christ's view of the world and can now stop renewing your mind. Three easy steps to total intellectual arrogance!

There is only one Christian world view, and no one has it but Christ. However, He promises us that He will make us like Him as we seek Him first. As we begin to work toward an understanding of how we are to view and interact with the world as the body of Christ, we must be confident that we view Christ Himself correctly. It’s very easy to make God in our own image and never be transformed into His likeness because we are only gazing upon our own reflections. I find the vast majority of Christian Worldview curriculum void of any real Christology. That's simply absurd. An incomplete view of Christ makes a proper view of the world IMPOSSIBLE. So in order to develop a truly Christian world view, we must transform our views on EVERYTHING to His by the renewing of our minds as we gaze upon Him. Not a list of His opinions on this or that issue. He is not a presidential candidate. We will never get there this side of eternity, and we will certainly not get any closer by promoting anything but earnest and diligent study of the Bible.

By the way, in some circles, it's referred to as "Biblical worldview." A rose by any other name...


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Joshua Andrew Smith said...

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