Friday, May 15, 2009

It Scares Me That I Believe This

We should give to the point that we have now placed ourselves in the position of the ones whom we sought to serve, having actually transferred our wealth for their sorrow. This is what Christ did, and we are to share in His sufferings. In community, grace is the outworking of our faith in others' lives. It's not about our overarching social action plans to erase poverty and pain from the planet. It's about being Christ where you are and extending your hands as far as they will reach. If, once they have met their threshold, the world drives spikes through them, you will know that you have been successful. In order to share in the Kingdom, we must first share in the Priesthood.


John David Walt said...

josh--- did you write this? or did Francis? this is stunningly profound. and exactly right.

Joshua Andrew Smith said...

I woke up from a dream yesterday with it.