Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jesus Ninja

Sometimes Christian small groups take on an element known as "accountability." A typical session will go something like this:

Accountee: "Hold me accountable, brother. I just keep on coveting Bill's car."

Accountant: "Come 'on, brosef. It's about time you kicked this habit like a Jesus Ninja. You can't keep coming back week after week with that amateur act. You gotsta move on. I'll be prayin' fer ya."

Accountee: "Thanks bro. I do need prayer..."

Oh, the camaraderie. Oh, the man-love. Oh the terrible theology...

But they're confessing their sins one to another, right? Yep. And isn't there supposed to be accountability within the body? Yep. And should we rebuke and encourage our brothers, spurring them on toward love and good deeds, right? Yep. But here are some helpful distinctions that should keep you from walking away from your group time like it was a visit with your parole officer(s):

1.) We are not accountable TO one another. We are accountable FOR one another. Check out the whole "your brother's blood cries out" episode and the Noaic covenant. Each man is accountable not only for himself, but also for his brother. So instead of taking confessions like a disinterested and anonymous cleric, we're going to be up into each other's business. His problem is your problem. Kill it dead.

2.) Changing behaviors does not a disciple make. Transformation is not a rearranging of parts. You are not Optimus Prime. We are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. If your brother is continuing in a particular sin, it is because he is believing a particular lie. Identify the false doctrine and kill it with truth. Kill it dead.

3.) Don't forget that we are justified by our faith and not our behavior. We're not attacking our sin so that we can stand before God as perfect saints. We are attacking our sin because we already stand before God as perfect saints. Sin is not becoming a son of God. It is beneath us and it precludes our mission. Kill it dead.

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this wanderer... said...

I've never been able to put this into words, but I'm glad you did. I have to say I've even had "accountability" relationship that went somewhat like this. Hm.