Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Maker of Heaven and Earth

The temptation would be to run with this toward an uninteresting debate between Christians of varying historical commitments. We're going to remain ecumenical here, because to do otherwise would be to ignore the purpose of the creed. I believe the problem arises when we separate "Maker of Heaven and Earth" from "The Father Almighty." Never has the distance between two adjacent lines of poetry been so wildly exaggerated. When we separate His creative action from His loving unction, we begin to focus more on the "how" of creation than the "why." Many would say that their focus on the "how" of creation can credit Scripture as historically and scientifically authoritative, thus making the spiritual "why" arguments valid as well, thus saving the souls of all those facts-based scientists out there. Because it's science that's keeping people from repentance. Let me know how that turns out for you.

I refuse to debate these issues. When we connect the Father Almighty with the Maker of Heaven and Earth, we get a character and a motive, and that's the important part. I know everyone is always dying to know the opportunity and the weapon, but it's the least human part of the story. What's wrong with us that we ignore the truth for the facts? The climax of CSI is always about proving the means of the murder, but I'm always much more fascinated with the person behind the action. Usually the motive for one's act of passion is only mentioned in brief monologue as the guilty party is taken away in handcuffs. Meanwhile, Law and Order pat themselves on the back for sticking to the facts. Forensic science is good, people, but it's not supreme.

One's actions manifest his character. Why fixate on the actions when we can know the character Himself? I want to know the "why" behind the "what." I think it's far more unifyingly fascinating to know that Heaven and Earth were made as a radical act motivated by the passion of an Almighty Father. I almost don't even care how. It's particularly easy not to care how when most of my culture's energy is spent arguing about the facts when the truth is the most important thing. The absence of a single fact can completely reverse a hypothesis. Why do we think we can collect all the pertinent facts needed to form or prove a reasonable theory at all? We are very small. We need Truth to be revealed supernaturally. I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

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